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305 Yachting

305 Yachting

Argos Nautic proudly presents the beautifully designed and high performing 305 Yachting Luxury Yacht Tender. 305 Yachting is created by renowned designer Patrizio Facheris of Facheris Design Inc. The Argos Nautic Yachting Series represents an exclusive and luxurious tender experience that complements the beautiful yachts and people it serves, delivering superior quality and performance in an outstanding outboard yacht tender. The 305 model is perfect for yachts ranging in size from 45 feet to 70 feet.

At 10 feet and only 750 lbs fully rigged and ready, the 305 Yachting tender fits easily and conveniently aboard your yacht. Planing at 3 seconds, the extraordinary hull design elevates the inflatable tube from the water, reduces friction and improves your navigation. Reaching speeds up to 36 mph, this powerful and stylish tender exceeds your expectations. The 305 model as with all Argos Nautic tenders is built to your specifications and each Argos is a distinct reflection of your yacht and your desire for a truly unique one of a kind tender.


Argos Nautic Specifications
Length Overall 10ft/3.05m
Internal Length 7ft 3in/2.21m
Beam (inflated) 5ft 8in/1.73m
Internal Beam 3ft 3in/1m
Displacement (no engine) 440lb/200kg
Displacement (fully rigged) 750lb/340kg
Engine (recommended) 30hp
Engine (maximum) 40hp
Max Speed Range 30/36mph - 48/58kph
Passengers 4
Fuel Capacity 10 gal/38l


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