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GT Luxury Yacht Tender Series

The GT Series is a go-to for many yacht owners across the world for its performance, design, and luxurious dinghy experience. Featuring a reliable, powerful outboard engine, the GT Series offers easy maintenance and a smooth ride everyone will enjoy. Created by renowned designer Patrizio Facheris of Facheris Design Inc., we craft two different GT options to meet your tender capacity needs. 

outboard tender
high end 14 foot tender

Argos Nautic's Series GT11 is a luxury boat tender designed by Patrizio Facheris of Facheris Design Inc. It is a lightweight, high-performance rigid inflatable boat ideal for yachts between 45 to 70 feet in size. With quick planing and a unique hull design, the GT11 offers easy maneuverability and can reach speeds up to 40 mph. As with all Argos Nautic luxury tenders, the GT model is customizable to suit individual preferences and complement any yacht.

The natural progression of our foundational GT11, the GT14 offers the same luxury and high-performing tender at a larger size. Ideal for yachts ranging from 70 to 100 feet, the GT14 provides ample internal space and comfortable seating arrangements for up to 7 adults. At 13'6" and only 925 lbs fully rigged, the GT14 uses an outboard motor to deliver exceptional style and performance.

11' Length 

40mph Speed

40 HP

4 Passengers

For Yachts 45-70 Feet

13' 10” Length 

40mph Speed

70 HP

6 Passengers

For Yachts 70-100 Feet


When choosing which GT Model is best for you, the size of your yacht and your preferred tender capacity are key. After selecting the model that best fits your needs, it’s time for a customized design. Building one-of-one tender boats, our team works to hand design and perfectly craft your boat based on your preferences. 


custom yacht tender
small tender

Argos Nautic offers a unique design process, catering each tender to our individual clients. Please reach out for more information on how we can help configure and craft a completely custom tender boat for you.

Starting strong with the paint color, we offer stunning options to enhance the luxurious appearance of your RIB boat and match the tender to the mothership.


Next, choose from various Hypalon textures and colors to complement or contrast the paint color. 


Select your preferred rub rail color for added protection and style. 


We provide a range of high-quality upholstery options for optimal comfort and design. 


Finish off your custom GT model with one of our many flooring options to complete the look of your custom tender boat.


Whether you're tendering to a larger vessel or looking for even more performance, space, and boating capabilities, Argos Nautic offers a wide range of luxury tenders to guide your adventure.

custom jet tender
custom diesel tender


With the ultimate level of versatility and functionality, our jet tender models offer the same level of luxury and customization with enhanced shallow water capabilities and maneuverability in tight spaces. 


With greater storage space and passenger capacity, the Diesel Series takes performance to the next level. Ideal for longer yachts, this series features two, larger boat tenders including the Diesel 15 and Diesel 17. Both luxury tenders are equipped with a Yanmar-powered engine.


Check back to learn more about our new, innovative tender models in our Light Series.



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+1 (786) 520-4700

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