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custom diesel jet tender
diesel jet tender console

Diesel Yacht Tender Series

Our Diesel Series takes comfort, capacity, and luxury to the next level. With a reliable Yanmar engine and modular design, our diesel tenders are versatile boats. The interior space of both diesel models will give you the ability to optimize your tender for whatever activities you plan to pursue — watersports, diving, fishing, lounging, or chauffeuring yacht guests. And, of course, one of the most appealing aspects of our Diesel Series is its fuel efficiency which offers the convenience of using the same fuel as the mothership.  

This series embodies the quality, attention to detail, and performance Argos Nautic stands for. The standard features include the ORCA Hypalon 110 tubing, an aluminum 18 gal fuel tank that reduces weight, LED lighting, and premium European accessories that elevate the boat’s luxury and international style. Of course, our team handcrafts one-of-one tenders and offers a wide range of customization options from trim and flooring upgrades to underwater lights, a freshwater shower system, and more. 

15 foot diesel jet tender

The first of our Diesel Series, the Diesel 15 can serve yachts 80 feet and over. This diesel tender combines more comfort, capabilities, and performance with the customization, detail, and quality Argos Nautic is known for. With a 15-foot length, the Diesel 15 can seat up to seven passengers. It can even be configured in six different ways to accommodate your unique boating needs. No matter what adventure, lake or sea, the Diesel 15 can get you there in style, comfort, and luxury. 

15'6” Length 
38mph Speed
110 HP
7 Passengers
For Yachts
80 Feet +

17 foot diesel jet RIB

The natural progression of the Diesel Series is more capacity with the same performance, luxury, and versatility as before. Thus, the Diesel 17 was born. Whether you’re in need of more passenger or storage capacity or you simply desire a larger vessel to complement a megayacht, the Diesel 17 is the way to go. Its 17-foot length can accompany nine passengers while maintaining the same level of performance, versatility, and customizable design. 

17'8” Length 
38mph Speed
110 HP
9 Passengers


When you’re looking for a high-performing, versatile, and comfortable tender, the Diesel Series is everything plus more. You can’t go wrong with either model, choose which best fits your yacht size, preferred capacity, and boating needs. After selecting your diesel tender, Argos Nautic offers a unique design process that builds a one-of-one boat. With innovative CNC technology, expert craftsmanship, and endless customization, our team can offer a diesel boat to not only meet but exceed your expectations. 


center console outboard RIB

Argos Nautic offers a unique design process, catering each tender to our individual clients. Please reach out for more detailed information on how we can help configure and craft a completely custom jet tender boat for you and your yacht. 

Choose from our selection of luxury paint options or have our team custom-match the yacht your diesel tender will serve. 


Our innovative ORCA Hypalon 110 tubing can be offered in various textures and colors to complement or contrast your tender design. 


Select your preferred rub rail color for added protection and style. 


Your tender’s upholstery is the ultimate opportunity for luxury and comfort, and the Diesel Series doesn’t pass this up. Choose from a wide range of upholstery options and rely on Argos Nautic’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.


Our flooring options include numerous trim and flooring upgrades that complete the look of your custom diesel boat. 

super yacht tender


For more engine, capacity, and capability options with the same luxury style, we offer a wide range of luxury tenders to guide your adventure.

center console RIB
luxury jet boat




If your boating lifestyle calls for easy maintenance and compact features, the GT Series is our flagship model. The outboard motor is a preferred option for many yacht owners looking for luxury and high performance at a smaller price.

Maybe a jet-powered engine that offers high speeds and compact configurations is what you're looking for. Our JET Series offers the same level of luxury and customization with enhanced shallow water capabilities and maneuverability in tight spaces. 

Check back to learn more about our new, innovative tender models in our Light Series.



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+1 (786) 520-4700

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