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Yachts Miami Beach Boat Show


Argos Nautic is launching its new flagship model, the 396. The 13′ luxury RIB tender will be on display at Yachts Miami Beach, Feb. 16–20.

The striking 396 is unlike any other tender on the market. Its contemporary style is from the pen of famed yacht designer Patrizio Facheris. A master of the use of space, he created a pedigreed boat that will generously seat five with a 6.8′ beam and has ample storage throughout, yet retains the lithe, athletic stance his vessels are known for.

A glance at the 396 from any angle reveals a graceful blending of technology and timeless old world craftsmanship. Only the finest components are chosen to enrich the boat, including modern stainless Italian cleats and fittings, a tilting Isotta steering wheel, elegantly supple upholstery, teak or Esthec flooring options and an audiophile-quality Fusion sound system.

Whether matching the look and style of a mothership or designing a distinctive one-of-a-kind boat, the sophisticated 396 is truly a bespoke vessel. A broad palette of high-end options and contemporary colors are available to create a breathtaking aesthetic that is guaranteed to turn heads, whether in Monaco or Palm Beach.

Because beauty without a little muscle is boring, the 396’s performance is nothing short of exhilarating. Facheris’s passion comes through full force with this design. Powered by a single 50–70 hp outboard, the 925 lb. boat delivers unbridled thrills at speeds up to 36 mph, confidently carving-up rooster tails, yet it provides the stability needed when going ashore in evening wear.

The Argos Nautic 396 starts at $ 35,000.00

Argos Nautic builds semi-custom luxury RIB tenders.