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Navigating Tender Storage: A Comprehensive Guide for Yacht Owners

When it comes to yachting, a well-chosen and properly stored tender is a key component that enhances both convenience and versatility during your maritime adventures. Selecting the right storage location for your yacht's tender is crucial, as it affects the overall functionality and aesthetics of your vessel. In this article, we'll explore various tender storage options based on different yacht styles, outlining the pros and cons of each approach, along with guidelines for securing your tender effectively.

Yacht Tenders: A Precious Companion

Yacht tenders are essentially smaller boats that serve as shuttles between your yacht and the shore, offering transportation, water sports opportunities, and additional storage. Their versatile nature makes them invaluable assets for yacht owners, so finding the ideal storage solution is paramount. Depending on the yacht and tender type there are different options for stowing.

1. Fishing Boats: Utilizing the Bow or Swim Platform

For fishing-oriented yachts, the choice of tender storage depends on the layout and priorities of the vessel. Placing the tender on the bow using a davit allows for quick launching and retrieval, making it convenient for fishing trips without obstructing the main deck. On the other hand, positioning the tender on the swim platform provides easy access to the water for fishing and watersports activities.


  • Quick access to fishing grounds.

  • Preserves the main deck space for angling activities.

  • Separates tender activities from the main vessel.


Potential obstruction of views and aesthetics.

  • Limited space for larger tenders.

  • Requires careful maneuvering during tender deployment.

2. Flybridge Yachts: Garage, Swim Platform, or Flybridge Aft

Flybridge yachts offer multiple storage options for tenders, each catering to specific preferences and requirements. Tenders can be stored in a garage beneath the aft deck, providing a clean and clutter-free look. Alternatively, placing the tender on the swim platform offers easy access to the water and additional deck space. Some flybridge yachts even have aft-mounted cranes to carry the tender on the flybridge itself.


  • Garage storage maintains a sleek exterior appearance.

  • Swim platform placement encourages water activities.

  • Flybridge storage maximizes available space.


  • Garage space may limit the size of the tender.

  • Swim platform storage might obstruct access to the water.

  • Flybridge storage could impact the vessel's stability and aesthetics.

3. Sport Yachts: Garage or Swim Platform

Sport yachts often feature a blend of performance and luxury, necessitating efficient use of space. Storing the tender in a dedicated garage or on the swim platform allows for flexibility in design and usage.


  • Garage storage maintains a clean profile.

  • Swim platform placement encourages water interaction.


  • Limited garage space for larger tenders.

  • Swim platform storage could impact water access.

Securing Your Tender: Best Practices

Irrespective of the chosen storage location, ensuring the safety and security of your tender is of utmost importance. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Properly Secure: Utilize strong and reliable tie-downs, straps, and chocks to prevent movement during transit or rough seas.

  2. Weather Protection: Use covers or enclosures to shield the tender from the elements, prolonging its lifespan.

  3. Maintenance Routine: Regularly inspect and maintain the tender to prevent damage and deterioration.

  4. Weight Distribution: Consider the yacht's balance and stability when positioning the tender.

  5. Communication: Establish clear communication protocols between crew members responsible for tender handling.

Selecting the appropriate storage location for your yacht tender is a crucial decision that directly impacts your yachting experience. The choice should be influenced by your yacht's style, intended activities, and space constraints. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of various options and adhering to best practices for securing your tender, you'll ensure that this essential vessel serves you well on every voyage.

About Argos Nautic: A Premier Tender Manufacturer

When it comes to premium yacht tenders, Argos Nautic stands as a top-tier manufacturer renowned for its innovative designs and superior craftsmanship. With a commitment to delivering excellence, Argos Nautic offers a range of meticulously crafted tenders that complement the luxurious lifestyle of yacht owners.

Argos Nautic's portfolio includes tenders designed to seamlessly integrate with various storage configurations on yachts of different styles. Their dedication to quality and functionality ensures that yacht owners can confidently select a tender that suits their needs, whether it's stored on the bow, swim platform, or within a garage.

To explore Argos Nautic's exquisite range of yacht tenders and find the perfect match for your vessel's storage requirements, visit Argos Nautic's Official Website. Elevate your yachting experience with a tender that reflects the epitome of luxury and performance.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on general principles and recommendations. Yacht owners should consult their vessel's manufacturer and professionals for specific guidance tailored to their yacht and tender setup.


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