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Exploring the World of Luxury Lake Boats

All around the world, natural lakes and reservoirs provide endless days of boating fun. You know that most of the earth is covered by water, so exploring your local or destination lake is an exciting way to get away for the day, week, month, or lifetime.

Whether you find yourself in the desert cruising Lake Powell, the Italian Alps on Lake Como, or the Adirondacks on Lake George, there's a lake boat that can get you out there. Best of all, tooling around your favorite spots doesn't mean puttering in the ubiquitous rental company pontoon boat or boxy houseboat. Luxury options abound.

Lake in desert setting

Where's the Luxury in Lake Boating?

In even the most landlocked of regions and on the highest peaks, people are always drawn to the water. Water connects us—a fact that boat owners need no reminding. So it's no surprise that boating abounds on every lake big enough to float your hull, even far away from coastlines and open oceans.

Sailing, yachting, speedboats, fishing boats, pontoon boats—every flavor of boating is represented on many inland freshwater lakes. BoatUS recently listed nine "must-see" lakes in the US. Which one would you like to explore?

Each lake has a distinctive landscape and options for enjoyment. For example, Lake Tahoe has a dozen marinas and options for hiding away in a secluded cove or dancing the night away at one of the yacht clubs. Boaters can spend their time fishing, visiting towns, or watching the sun move across the inspiring landscape.

Bigger yachts and luxury houseboats tool around Lake Powell and the miles of endless canyons and coves. With so much shoreline, this desert lake is all about getting away from it all and exploring on longer overnight trips.

Did you know that over ten percent of the Earth's surface freshwater supply is in Lake Superior alone? The Great Lakes are massive and offer endless opportunities for boating fun. It would take a lifetime to explore each nook and cranny. Boaters can visit international cities such as Chicago and Toronto or tuck away and watch bears fish.

Lake George in New York's Adirondack Mountains offers yacht clubs, marinas, and impossibly clean water. Boaters can immerse themselves in the area’s history or cruise by Millionaire's Row.

Of course, these destinations are just a few that the US has to offer. All over the world, freshwater boating represents an enormous opportunity for recreation and relaxation.

Lake boat with forest background

What Makes a Luxury Lake Boat?

Most lakes are big enough to have boating, but not all lakes are luxury destinations. Your local lake scene might feature pontoon boats, jet skis, watersports boats, or sailing dinghies. Every watery destination has its own unique vibe affected by not only its size but the surrounding area.

When thinking about luxury boating, the motor yacht comes to mind. Whether it's a classic wooden boat with a timeless design, or a sleek modern number made to turn heads, yachts are as much at home on big lakes as they are on the open ocean. A lot depends on the size of your lake, of course. Not every lake can support a vessel of this size.

European lake boat

Without a doubt, the original luxury lake boat is a classic wooden boat. Imagine pulling up to the sandbar or resort pier in an original 1920s speed boat, all gleaming woodwork and rumbling engines. The lakes of the Swiss and Italian Alps are still full of them, built for glamor and speed. Think Lake Como or Lake Geneva on a clear summer day, and you've got the picture.

The modern launch is made of fiberglass, of course. But there are plenty of gorgeous picnic-boat-style retro launches that carry on the luxury lake boat tradition. Hinkley makes a gorgeous boat that certainly meets the definition of luxury, with timeless looks and a modern jet drive. Swiss manufacturer Boesch makes a top-speed classic launch that's every bit as luxurious as you'd expect with a modern hybrid powerplant.

Out West, lake boats are of the houseboat variety. But this certainly doesn't mean that luxury is thrown overboard. Bravada is making a line of houseboats for cutting the chop on Lake Powell or Lake Meade, with all the comforts of home and more in its spacious cabin. This is a party boat for the best kinds of parties, and they're at home in the marina or tucked in a quiet cove. If you're looking for the perfect vessel for flat water that comes complete with a water slide, hot tub, and fire pit, this is the sort of vessel for you.

There are also more purposefully built lake boats, ones like deck boats, ski boats, wake makers for playing, and fishing boats for catching the big one. If you've got a particular hobby, you can find the right lake boat to match it.

And no discussion would be complete without mentioning the standard pontoon, the ubiquitous lake boat. But new models are always coming on the market, and luxury pontoon boat manufacturers are sprouting up. These boats aren't at all like you'll find at the reservoir boat rental. A premium luxury pontoon features more powerful engine options—up to 900 horsepower or more in some cases—and space for your whole family to spread out.

Watersports behind lake boat

Choosing the Best Luxury Boat

No matter where you want to use it, finding the right boat comes down to considering multiple factors. For lake boating, the choice will require weighing what you want to do with the boat and its location. Some boats are just too big for some lakes. Not every lake is accessible by megayacht, after all.

More than just its size, you must also consider the facilities available. Can you haul your boat for maintenance, and can you get the dockage, mooring, power, and pump-out services you need for it? In many cases, inland lakes are only accessible if the vessel is trucked in and craned into the water, which limits the overall size of possibilities. Small lakes may only be accessible by trailerable boats.

All boat choices come down to a balance of design—engine options, capacity, and hull design must complement the amenities on board and, of course, the price. So start by thinking about how many people you want to carry, how fast and far you want to go, and what you'll do when you get there. Then narrow down the size and type of boat that fits your dreams.

If you want freshwater luxury, chances are the same pontoon or deck boat rental everyone else has isn't the answer. The most versatile boat in the world is the wrong boat for you if you hate it. We think boats should be beautiful; boats should bring a smile to your face when you see them tied to your dock or as you pilot them across your favorite mountain lake for drinks and dinner.

JET tender in lake setting

A Luxury Lake Tender

If you have a yacht or lake house, a small luxury lake tender is not only a must-have, but it's also one of the best additions your could buy. Your yacht is akin to your castle on the water, and your tender is similar to your sports car. A great tender gets you where you need to go in style.

A luxury tender can maximize your fun on the water. Imagine whisking your date across the lake to the yacht club for dinner, cruising over to that championship golf course, or taking the kids to the sandbar for a day out. With a high-performing tender, you can cruise by Lake George’s Millionaire Row, visit a secluded park, or enjoy a sunset-hour cruise. Your luxury tender can get you off the yacht and to the best fishing grounds so you can return a hero with a fresh dinner. It's also great for water skiing and water sports. Your yacht’s tender is invaluable, expanding your cruising grounds and giving everyone on board independence—whether you have a larger boat or not.

Argos boat close up

Argos Nautic — The Best Tenders for Lake or Sea

The best boat is a versatile one that can do anything you ask, but it should also look good doing it. That's what we strive for when we build each and every Argos Nautic RIB. Built to each customer's specifications, we can customize every aspect of the boat to give you the look and feel you want. So whether you want to get to shore from your mansion on the water or just want a runabout for day trips, Argos Nautic can build the boat for you.

Our tenders are hand-built for high performance and customized for your mission. Choose from the GT Series outboard motor boats, Jet drive 9.5 or 11-foot tenders, or Yanmar-powered Diesel tenders up to 17 feet long with seating for nine. From there, you can customize your colors, seating, flooring, and amenities to suit your adventure.

So, if you want the best of the best for cruising your local lake in luxury, visit Argos Nautic and let us design the perfect tender for your freshwater (or saltwater) explorations.


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