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With new diesel- and jet-powered luxury RIB yacht tender models entering production, Argos Nautic has reconfigured its manufacturing space. The bespoke boatbuilder has shifted from traditional multiple assembly lines to a single mixed-model line with specialized workstations.

"By optimizing the physical space and use of tooling, we've dramatically increased our productivity," said Ignacio Vadillo, Argos Nautic president. "Our team, while always cross-trained in multiple skills,

is now focused more on specific tasks rather than completing an entire boat.

"This provides the opportunity for technicians to monitor each step of the build process and concentrate on details, yet still accommodate the customization we offer in each model. It's a method used by other luxury companies such as Lamborghini and results in extremely high levels of quality."

Vadillo noted that even with expanding from outboard models into more complex jet and diesel offerings, they expect production to soon exceed 100 boats per year. In addition to the reconfiguration, Argos Nautic enhanced its workplace lighting and ventilation systems for improved employee efficiency and wellbeing.

Since 2009, Argos Nautic has manufactured

semi-custom luxury RIB tenders employing lean production methodologies. Designed by renowned naval architects, its boats are built using only state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques, and rigged with premium components. Argos Nautic boats are NMMA Certified to ABYC standards as a commitment to product safety and quality. Always on the cutting edge of performance and design, its 330 Jet won a Boating Industry Top Product award.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700.;;;