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Argos Nautic understands the importance of arrival and in its JET 9.5, it will never be an understated one. With breathtaking speed, pulse-quickening agility and ample seating for four, the 9' 6" jet-powered semi-custom RIB tender is more than mere transportation. It's a means to make a memorable entrance, whether arriving in a t-shirt or tuxedo.

Like all Argos Nautic tenders, the JET 9.5 is a one-of-a-kind bespoke creation. Owners are provided an extensive palette of colors, textures and options to choose from. Guided by design experts, the process encompasses more than mere style. The result is a boat that can mirror the aesthetic of its mothership—or boldly make an artistic statement. Plus, with a long list of premium accessories and hardware, it exudes a level of quality rarely seen in today's world of mass-produced boats.

Ideal for a quick trip to shore as well as a day-long picnic in a secluded cove, the JET 9.5 teems with hidden, secure storage. Ergonomically-comfortable seating is thoughtfully placed within the boat and can be configured to match an owner's specific requirements.

Designed for yachts 45' to 60' L, the JET 9.5 weighs a mere 750 lbs. fully rigged. With an inflated beam of 5' 8" and an overall height of 3' 6", it's ideal for storing in a tender garage or on davits, and just as easily loads onto a swim platform or fore deck with a small crane.


Powered by a 100 hp Yamaha waterjet engine, the Argos Nautic JET 9.5 will top 35 mph, but has a hull design that ensures a dry, stable ride. Accelerating quickly, it confidently carves at speed and handles chop with aplomb.

As a commitment to product safety and quality, the Argos Nautic JET 9.5 is NMMA-Certified to ABYC standards. Prices start at $33,450.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700.;;;


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