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From light dove to deep carbon, luxury yacht builders are increasingly selecting distinctively gray hull tones to set their vessels apart. Argos Nautic bespoke RIB tenders has introduced in its GT14 a new palette of colors inspired by the world's foremost yacht brands. Whether beached on a sandy key or tied up at a chic waterside restaurant, it'll be instantly apparent which mothership the opulent six-passenger outboard-powered tender serves.

Unlike mass-produced RIB tenders, the Argos Nautic GT14 is truly semi-custom. While virtually any color combination is possible for the hull, tubes and seating, new choices of Sandstorm Gray, Silverlight Gray, Blue Wave Gray, and Deep Titanium Gray match the evolving design trends of major European yacht manufacturers. Argos Nautic customers select from a wide range of hues, fabrics and textures to create a boat that not only meets their utilitarian needs, but does so with style and elegance that matches their yacht and reflects a striking individuality.

Designed by famed yacht designer Patrizio Facheris, each GT14 is hand built by artisans focused on specific steps to ensure no detail is overlooked. In fact, all Argos Nautic boats are NMMA-certified to ABYC standards as a commitment to product safety and quality.


Ideal for

70' to 100' yachts, the 13' 6" L x 6' 9" W x 3' 6" H Argos Nautic GT14 is the perfect size for stowing in a garage. And at only 925 lbs. fully rigged, it's light enough to be easily launched from a deck crane or off davits.

Once the Argos Nautic GT14 is in the water, it's a true performer. With a 50 hp outboard, it'll top 30 mph; with a 70 hp engine, it'll reach 36 mph. Lithe and sure-footed, it carves effortlessly through curves, yet provides a dry and comfortable ride.

Inside the GT14, the boat envelops its six passengers in opulent indulgence. Fine upholstery, modern European fittings and premium teak flooring define its luxurious feel. Well equipped, the Argos Nautic GT14 starts at $26,400.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700.;;;


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