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Buying the best tender

Thinking of buying a tender for your yacht, or maybe going for a small and comfortable way to get around the waterways?. Here are a few tips we have for you when shopping around for your next RIB.

When deciding to go for a RIB instead of a fiberglass there are a few things to consider, weight being one of the most important, mounting a heavy tender on a platform sometimes is not an option also lighter weight means better fuel efficiency. Ease of maneuverability is another great feature specially when docking or approaching other vessels is another big plus, the inflatable tubes that go around the tender act as fenders protecting the tender as well as the object it is approaching.

At Argos Nautic we understand the practicality of RIB tenders, and we have set up to make the best one in the market, because practicality is not the only factor when you are in the market to outfit your beautiful yacht with the vehicle it will be transporting or the tender that will ultimately be transporting you.

Whether your looking at outboard, jet, or diesel engines, all Argos Nautic tenders serve the same purpose. Delivering the best performance style and comfort to our clients. Every detail of these tenders has been designed to make heads turn, beautiful custom colors make each tender unique, the sporty looks are complimented with carlike comfort in upholstery ergonomics, materials, top of the line accessories and incomparable quality make Argos Nautic tenders feel less like a support boat and more like the main event.

At Argos Nautic we cater to our clients offering customization on preferences and delivering dreams.