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The Best Yacht Tenders: Customizing Your Yachting Adventures

Thinking of buying a tender for your yacht, or maybe going for a small and comfortable way to get around the waterways? There are a lot of tenders on the market, so how do you know which engine, style, and construction are best for you? At Argos Nautic, we're here to help yacht owners and boating enthusiasts find the luxury tender their yacht deserves. No matter what your boating needs are — transportation, cruising, fishing, watersports, etc. — we can craft the best tender on the market.

Tendering to yacht in blue waters

What is a Yacht Tender?

A yacht tender is more than just a small boat used to transport people and supplies to and from a yacht. Tenders can represent adventure, convenience, luxury, and fun outside of the mothership. With the right tender, you can elevate your yachting experience and enjoy more time out on the open seas.

Yacht tenders are typically designed to be lightweight, easily maneuverable, and capable of withstanding various weather conditions. They can be constructed from a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and considerations.

Sleek boat design

Yacht Tender Material

You'll find fiberglass and aluminum dinghies on the tender market, but the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) stands out as the preferred style for many yacht owners, and for good reasons.

RIBs offer exceptional stability and buoyancy due to their deep-V hull design and inflatable tubes. They are highly maneuverable, making docking and navigating in congested areas easier. Maneuverability is specifically important when operating so close to larger vessels. Rigid hull inflatable boats are versatile, serving various purposes and providing ample space for center consoles, seating, and storage. They are durable, with materials like ORCA Hypalon 110 tubing that offers resistance to UV rays, abrasion, and punctures. The combination of a rigid hull and inflatable tubes ensures safety and makes RIBs reliable even in rough waters.

When deciding to go for a RIB instead of a fiberglass one of the most important things to consider is weight. Mounting a heavy fiberglass tender on a platform sometimes is not an option. Even better, lighter weight means better fuel efficiency, making a rigid inflatable yacht tender a clear winner.

Boating around a bay

Engines on Yacht Tenders

Of course, the engine that powers your tender makes all the difference in performance, maintenance, and versatility. Every boater is different, so the engine that works best for one might not offer the performance required by another. That's where options are important.

A reliable outboard engine is going to be the most common. Modern outboards are perfect for a tender, running smoothly, quietly, and efficiently with very low fuel consumption. Plus, they are easy to maintain and more cost-effective than alternatives.

Jet engines are taking over the tender market. A jet tender offers a personalized watercraft experience. Its balance and speed allow it to get up on the plane easily. Plus, thanks to its shallow draft and flat bottom design, a jet tender has the unique capability to access super shallow water that is inaccessible to other types of boats.

To take yacht tenders to the next level, diesel engines can power larger models and offer a truly luxurious experience. Diesel engines might come with a higher price tag, but this price is accompanied by convenience, performance, and luxury boating. Powered by a conventional diesel inboard marine engine, diesel tenders run on the same fuel as your mothership. Plus, they give you the long service life, efficiency, and reliability that diesel engines are renowned for.

The best tender engine is going to depend on your needs, preferences, and budget - which is why Argos Nautic offers all three of these quality engines.

Pairing Your Yacht With a Luxury Tender

Sure, you can buy any old dinghy on the market, throw it next to your big boat and call it a day, but you and your yacht both deserve better. Better style, better performance, and most importantly, customization. A luxury yacht tender means one-of-one, expertly crafted, and designed to complement your yacht. At Argos Nautic, we can custom design every tender to match or complement the upholstery, paint colors, and any other detail that makes your yacht the best.

The Best Tenders Offer It All

Sure, tenders are made to transport you to and from your vessel, but it surely doesn't have to stop there. When searching for the best tender, versatility is key. A versatile yacht tender offers a wide range of use cases, making it a valuable, more enjoyable asset for yacht owners and boat lovers.

Of course, it serves as a reliable means of transportation, shuttling passengers and supplies between the yacht and the shore. But, its maneuverability and performance allow for the exploration of coastlines, coves, and islands, providing opportunities for sightseeing and discovery. Equipped with water sports gear, the tender becomes a thrilling platform for activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing. For fishing enthusiasts, it offers access to shallow fishing spots and secluded grounds. Diving and snorkeling trips are made convenient with a tender, facilitating transport to dive sites and exploration of coral reefs. It is also perfect for beach exploration, island picnics, and providing emergency assistance or rescue operations. With a versatile yacht tender, the world is your oyster.

The Best Yacht Tender on the Market

At Argos Nautic, we understand RIB tenders — the practicality, versatility, and performance they can offer. What's more is we understand luxury — style, ergonomics, and features that will meet the highest standards and match the most luxurious yachts. With the most experience, the best technology, and unmatched attention to detail, we've crafted the best tender models on the market.

Located in Miami, Florida, we custom design, handcraft, and ship our tenders to any yacht owner around the world. Explore our range of tender models and trust Argos Nautic to make your tender dreams a reality.

The GT is our classic tender model, boosting a powerful and reliable outboard engine. Both GT models offer a smooth ride at a top speed of 40mph. If a high-performing tender in a convenient size is what you're looking for, our GT11 is the way to go. For larger vessels, the GT14 offers the same level of luxury, style, and comfort in a longer configuration.

If you're looking for a little more versatility and speed in your tender experience, our JET Series is a no-brainer. With its jet propulsion system, this series offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing for precise handling and agile navigation in tight spaces and congested areas. Both tender models use a shallow draft, granting access to shallow waters and secluded locations that may be unreachable by other tender types. With impressive acceleration and maximum speed, our JET Series provides thrilling experiences and unmatched versatility.

If a superyacht tender is what you're looking for, the Diesel Series is our largest tender offering with ample storage space, a modular design, fuel efficiency, and amazing performance. This boat can help you do it all - cruise around the bay, go out diving, waterski, take a dip off the swim platform, you name it. The Diesel 15 and 17 are open tenders that can hold up to 7 and 9 passengers to take friends and family on every boating adventure.

Advancing the Tender Market

As a custom RIB manufacturer, our goal is to offer our clients the best, most personalized tender solutions on the market. Whether you're looking at outboard, jet, or diesel engines, all Argos Nautic tenders serve the same purpose. Delivering the best performance style and comfort to yacht owners around the world. Every detail of these tenders has been designed to make heads turn, beautiful custom colors make each tender unique, and the sporty looks are complimented with carlike comfort in upholstery ergonomics, materials, top-of-the-line accessories, and incomparable quality making Argos Nautic tenders feel less like a support boat and more like the main event.

At Argos Nautic, we cater to our clients offering customization on preferences and delivering dreams.

Explore our tender options, design your personal model, and contact us today for more information.


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