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When dreams become realities.

Argos Nautic’s clients have long awaited the rollout of the new DIESEL15 powered by a 110hp Yanmar, November in FLIBS was the great debut, and although not yet fully finished at the time, the Diesel was a sensation. Now yachts 80 feet and larger will be able to have a tender to match the splendor of the ship.

With its sleek and modern lines, the Diesel series continues what Argos Nautic has been doing for years, delivering the best designed and performing tender in the market. With 15 feet of length, this model seats up to 7 passengers, and can be configured in 6 different ways to better accommodate the owners needs. From sunbeds, to scuba tank storage, each Diesel 15 is truly one of a kind, whether matching the pain color to the mother ship or choosing to make a bold statement with a color that will surely be a head turner, you can make this tender your own adding your personal touches to many aspects of the boat.

After a few sea trials and adjustments, the Diesel 15 model is now ready for purchase at the Miami Yacht show this coming February, and on the Argos Nautic website or showroom, where clients are able to configure their tenders and get an immediate estimate.

Take a closer look at the Diesel 15


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